The movie Wolf of Wall Street is one among the simplest movies for somebody who wants to become rich and lead an extravagant lifestyle. However, the movie inspired numerous people to require up Jordan Belfort’s lifestyle that it forgot to specialize in other stuff like there is often numerous fake stuff happening in social media about the lives of such people that follow their footpaths.

There are instances of individuals faking all the rich stuff that they buy and post on Instagram. But the reality is way from reality as seen by Elijah Oyefeso, a teenage kid who posted pics on Insta showing how lavish a life he leads by doing stock broking. He raked up many followers and even featured in top TV shows showing how lavish a life he leads by doing the above stuff.

He started his own company Dreams Come True as a stock brokering firm but it had been soon realized that it had been all fake. Yes, the firm wasn’t registered anywhere, although it raked in many investments and shortly , the guy disappeared in nothingness but was soon arrested. Later, he was released on bail and a successful appeal.

Such a nuisance is pretty common within the binary options and financial industry. With innocent investors trying of these get rich quick schemes but eventually realizing that they need lost everything. These binary traders use social media to lure victims. They post highly aesthetically pleasing ads that might catch anyone’s attention and lots of of them actually fall for it.

They find yourself clicking on the ads where they might be redirected either to a landing page promoting something that’s extremely pleasing to the eyes or might find yourself taking you into a spoofed website of your favorite broker that you simply won’t even realize. Such is that the nuisance that a lot of victims actually find themselves giving all their details on the website without double-checking the facts.

Legit websites do exist but most of them are fake. Around 80% of the binary trading brokers are fake in nature and are extremely fraudulent which could cause many of us to believe that they need won tons of cash by trading with them. Actually, the traders do nothing but playing a game designed by them which shows that they’re constantly earning money.

But the reality is way from the distant reality where so as to earn more profits, they find themselves depositing extra money and lose everything at one go when the broker doesn’t answer anything. Also, these sites find themselves being the frontrunner of fraud where they sell MasterCard information to people.

Hence, next time, once you visit a site, do confirm that it’s some safe method of payment like PayPal or Stripe. One that keeps your private information safe and secure. Otherwise, you would possibly find yourself providing them with vital information like your MasterCard details and it’d cause you to be another victim of not just binary options fraud but also MasterCard fraud.

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