Our Team

Its main goal is to bring 200 million new retail investors to crypto by eliminating all fiat obstacles on the way to crypto.

Best People

Creative Team

Built on proven security and technological record. A high level of digital asset protection and safe record of transactions.Built on fair-exchange protocols enabling cryptocurrency atomic swaps to mitigate counter-part risk. Advisory and technology services to execute third-party ICOs.

Michael Wills
Nicolas is excited by turning potential technology into something practical that benefits most
Greg Becker
He is passionate about a future where people fearlessly trade digital value without third-party intervention.
Coulter Doe
President & COO
After a successful career as a hedge fund director and investment advisor, he worked as an angel investor.
Mariano Avello
Economic Research Lead
He controls hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin, Ether, the digital asset related conglomerate
Mikael Conti
Head of Engineering
Holds an honors degree in engineering and carries twenty years experience as a technology.
Gonzalo Sorensen
Head of Marketing
Gonzalo has been writing code professionally since graduating from high school
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